Friday, 29 March 2013

Blog sale! Part 1

As you may have read already, I'm diversifying my shop, and greatly changing the dynamic! I'm still going to be making custom jewellery, but am going to be stocking more other stuff rather than jewellery. It means I'm going to have zines, stationery, possibly even some handmade nail polishes (I know, bit special right?)

So anyway, it means I have a stack of stock I need to shift ASAP at stupid prices. A lot is going on eBay, but some isn't on there yet. Also I'm getting rid of a lot of my own items to fund this, so I've had a massive clearout of my own jewellery box, so you might get a great second hand offer on something now retired or rare. I don't want to put my own items onto ebay unless I can help it, I'd rather offer them to my friends and followers.

Prices don't include postage, but postage is £3 no matter how many items. If you buy more than one thing, I do deals on multiple purchases. If you're a blogger and would like to talk to me about getting these items for a giveaway or promotion on your own blog, that's also totally fine to do so, I won't be offended.

Bronze rings with glass dome picture - measures about an inch across, and has an adjustable base to fit most fingers (I can get it on my thumb) - £3 each, or buy 2 for £5

ring 1

ring 2

ring 3

ring 4

ring 5

ring 6

ring 7

ring 8

ring 9

ring 10

Me and Zena gold coloured robot necklace - rrp £14 - £5

me and zena anchor - rrp £12 - £4

Mer-made chip fork necklaces - these are the last 4 i have - £5 each, 

bingo night (i have two of this one)

cheap date

english breakfast

mer-made sugar skull necklace - £5

That's it for now - more to follow!!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Friday, 29 June 2012

Moving on...

Phew - it's been a busy couple of months. If you're wondering why I haven't posted here much, it's because I've been writing for three other blogs

Blurt - this was the last article, but there's a new one to follow shortly

So You Wanna Be A Grown-up - This is the first one I wrote - but again a new one to follow shortly


Leeds Inspired - not published yet, but here's the main website

This has been a concious decision after advice from various people about my blog. I've been very open with my health, but now I feel I should refresh my blogging for my business. This will probably (I say probably because I'm know to change my mind frequently) be my last post on here, but as soon as I start another blog, I'll let you know.

Thanks for listening, LBC people.