Wednesday, 24 June 2009

New stuff for craft fair

Sold more paintings than expected so been busy over last couple of days!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Featured seller

I just had to wax lyrical about servasgschaeft. I can't recall where exactly she popped up on my flickr from, but she's not only adorable, she makes the most AMAZING things. Here are my favourites from Flickr.

This awesome cake is a tiny brooch/necklace! It's available to buy on etsy. Look at the teeny tiny kiwi slices! I have no idea how you fimo modellers do this.

This is another little fimo cake, but look at the whipped cream! And the doll plate and fork. Oh and the banana!! I'm going to die from the adorable.

These are cupcakes. And they're vegan. I wish she lived in England!

Huge cakes made to look like lego. I am speechless.

This is her, wearing the nerd glasses she made from perler (assume it's like hama beads?) I am in love with her today. Seriously.

On her flickr photostream you can also find a pair of cupcakes which look like boobs, and a cupcake with a vagina piped on the top. Please please look through all her stuff.

Advertising Space available

I currently have 5 FREE advertising slots on my blog. If you're not already a member of Project Wonderful and you have a site like this, I'd highly recommend it. There are lots of ways to show your ads for free on other sites, and you can offer free advertising spaces on your own site.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

My favourite 5 cards I've made


This is my favourite cat shape ever, and it works well in patterned paper too.


Stickers from Paperchase, and word stickers brought back from America by Claudia. Just seemed to work together.



Cupcakes were one of the first things I painted, and the first thing I made a paper collage out of too. You can't beat the simple shapes.


I bought these little coat hangers and thought they'd be perfect for card making. Cutting out tiny clothes is fiddly, so I haven't ended up making many of them!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Edibles on Etsy

I only realised today that Etsy has an edibles section! I've been picking through what's on offer, and here are my favourite edible items I've found so far. Feel free to recommend some more!

Featured seller - Chocolatecreators

Russian seller Chocolate Creators are fairly new to Etsy. I can't understand why they have only 1 sale, because their items are beautiful, original, and very reasonably priced.

Adorable Cupcake Cookies by TabbyCat13

Just as the name suggests, they are adorable, and you get a dozen for less than $2 each. I'm not sure they'd ship to the UK, but I had to feature them as they're so beautifully made.

Cupcakes in Jars by cupcakesinjars

Again, not sure about shipping to the UK, but what a fantastic idea! Surely they'd be easy to ship overseas? And just look at all the flavours, and the packaging!

Tootsie Roll wreath by auntiesideas

I keep meaning to make one of these, and fail miserably. They make many different flavoured candies into wreaths, but I like the colour scheme of this one, and the name of the sweets of course. We don't have them in the UK, so I'm imagining liquorice :)

Chewy Vanilla Caramel Pretzel Twisted Turtles by BlissCandies

I love chocolate coated pretzels, and they just don't sell them in the UK. I have to import them when my craving gets too much for me. These sound so delicious, I'm considering moving to the US, or failing that getting them shipped to a friend to pass on to me!

Chocolate and Gold Wire Necklace by wmahr

This necklace is REAL chocolate! It's expensive for one wear, but what a great attention seeking piece! They can use real beads for you if you like, but I thought this would be a great finale for this article.

If this has made you hungry, and you fancy something longer lasting, my 'coffee and bun' painting is available on Etsy or on eBay.

Coffee and a bun

Cupcakes in a Row

Cupcakes in a Row
Originally uploaded by peskychloe

I think I might have overdone the patterns on this. It's perhaps over the top. I had got two others cut out to do, but I don't want to waste the canvases if this is rubbish.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Friday, 12 June 2009

Etsy Yart Sale

I love this idea! Until June 14th on Etsy, if you search for 'yart' you get a whole host of special offers!


Every seller involved in the Yart Sale offers special offers like free shipping, freebies or buy one get one free etc - I've made a sale already, and my shop has had lots more views. Some people have got into the spirit of the Yart sale, while I feel some people are just using the tag/title to get more views, and offering little in value (usually by hiking up their shipping). I'll only be featuring those who are offering considerable savings on regular prices, or who offer free shipping on things which are expensive to post.

Click here to search on Etsy, with the results sorted from low price to high

I've been looking at what is on offer this morning, and here are my five favourite things, as well as one of mine.

Obviously first up is my vintage shoe - it's free shipping in the UK, and reduced shipping overseas. I painted this a while ago, and I really like it, I can't understand why it hasn't been snapped up yet!

Loving you by LUIZAVIZOLI

Ok, so this isn't cheap, but it's beautiful. I love the swirls in this lady's work, they look like buttons! I nearly didn't feature this, as she doesn't ship outside the US, but I couldn't resist the colours.

Handmade red plaid owl friend by JennyTheArtist

This little owl friend is 50% off, at a very reasonable $2, with decent priced shipping. He's really cute, so I hope he finds a new home.

Roll the Dice soap by sunbasilgarden

It's not often I get excited about handmade soap. I have tons of lush soap we haven't used, because I love liquid soap. However, these are amazing, so perfectly made, and they're vegan, AND they smell of liquorice. At a very reasonable $2 with international shipping, they get my vote.

Amigurumi Banana by davenevanxaviour

Ah,knitted food. The reason I found Etsy in the first place. Can't really say anything more, except they're adorable!

Upcycled Bottle Caps Candy Notebook by AprilAdriance

I'd never heard the term upcycling before Etsy, but I really love the idea of taking something which would otherwise be thrown away/recycled and using it for a new purpose. There are lots of upcycled journals on Etsy, but this is the cheapest in the Yart sale, so congrats!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Big Cartel

Anyone else use Big Cartel? I'm trying out a shop there, and I don't know whether to pay $9.99 a month or not. It seems pretty cheap, and I could design it more, but then again, sales are slow, so is it worth it?

Saturday, 6 June 2009


My birthday isn't until November, but I know exactly what I want this year. I want to have finished writing my book!

I'm currently condensing my whole personal blog including photos and paintings, to tell the story of my life while I was 33. It's my lucky number, and the one I always use along with Pesky for all my online nicknames.

I wasn't sure whether I'd make it to my 34th birthday, so it took me a while to start writing it. Now I know I'll be around, I've made a proper start on it.

Here's a sneak preview of the cover

Last year I didn't look forward to my birthday


But then my husband sent a barbershop quartet to work. Awesome!


This month's featured Etsyblogger

Is LazyTCrochet

Green Apple Cloche


Perfect seller - gives you all the details you need, beautiful items, and a great price, with shipping everywhere in the world!

I'll definitely be back, I particularly love this moustache coffee cosy!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Featured on 2 blogs today!

We've been featured on 2 other blogs today!

Beautiful Becky featured me on her new blog about Uk Crafters -

This blog is an awesome idea, and to be one of the first featured was an absolute honour. Please support this blog if you care at all about Crafters in the UK.

My mixed media beach canvas was also featured on Cuteable this morning. I haven't seen this blog yet, but look forward to seeing more. She's also in Lancashire, so it's an even lovelier surprise.