Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Etsy's suggest shops feature comes up trumps!

I decided to try the Etsy 'suggested shops' feature again, after the disastrous attempt last time (about 6 months ago) - seems like everything in life, the website gets to know you better the more you use it, and I found tons of stuff I loved and hadn't come across before. So this week's top 5 picks are all from the suggested shops.

1. Gustow Little Monster

Absolutely adorable little monsters, but I love the expression on this one the most. Look at him!

2. Monster Pet crochet pattern

My cats would never wear this. But I like that someone has managed to get monster hats onto their cat. I might just have to paint a cat wearing a hat now.

3. The Lonesome Accordionist print

This reminded me of a friend of mine called Claire, as she's called The Eternal Magpie and has just started playing the accordion. As good a reason as any I thought...

4. Nosferatu

I also liked the forest fox, but as he's been featured in a magazine already, I wanted to promote a lonelier animal. Look at his teeth - he's adorable.

5. Red acoustic guitar

Something out of the ordinary - I usually feature plushies and prints, but I loved these guitar sculptures so much! The size can be seen in this one (it's a penny in the soundhole and it's standing on a bent fork) and I'm a sucker for miniature versions.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Inspiration of the day - Beck Hansen

I'm really sorry to gush, but words can't really explain how much I love Beck. Whilst looking for a Beck related image to get tattooed, I fell in love all over again after seeing him cover every song from the INXS album 'Kick' on Vimeo. I have literally wasted hours catching up on his website.

Record Club: INXS "Kick" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

If anyone has an idea for a Beck tattoo (which isn't his face) please share it with me.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Pannier Market picks

The last pannier market was 2 weeks ago, and it's 2 weeks to the next one, so it seemed a good time to do my picks from the last one so you can get excited to come to the next one. I'm so gutted I'm going to miss the one in July, as this event is already shaping up to be a must-visit in Leeds.

The traders I talked about last month were still there last month, so I decided to pick up cards from people I hadn't seen before.

I Love Sesame

This company came round with free samples and it was a great PR exercise. We hadn't heard of them, and now all we want to do is order some sushi for delivery and have a world cup party. Pity it's in South Africa instead of Japan.


I was drawn to the lobster necklaces, I have to admit, but I chatted to Becky, and liked her ideas and vision.

Lady Bee's Vintage Hive

Jenny doesn't have a website, but she's always friendly, and always has exciting stuff going on. Reworked vintage items, jewellery, and always a beautifully displayed stall. She's on the right here (with Liz Rose of Blue Shed Knits who also trades at the market)

Liz and Jenny

Two Magpies

A really nice range of recycled stuff, completely under-presented on the Misi site I'm afraid. It's well worth coming and having a look at the stall. I particularly liked the Mermaid (as pictured) - perhaps I'm getting a fetish for large acrylic shapes on chains? I also liked their rolled up map bracelets.

Nicole Mathison

This website doesn't seem to work, which is a shame, because she's also a recycling monster. Great rings with huge hula girls. Rather annoyingly her Twitter feed is also protected. Oh well.

Loubie Lou

It's a well established fact that I love Louise. So imagine how exciting it was to see her with her own stall, and to see her stuffed toys in real life.

I'm back!

I'm back on this blog - the other one wasn't really fulfilling my needs. Weebly is great for a first go at a revenue website, but as it's free there's weebly ads on  it, and I can't really do exactly what I want to it. I'm having a go at a Mr Site one next, onto which I'll be linking this blog.

New post coming in about an hour. Sorry for the spamming.