Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Spoonflower fabric - what we made

Today is a day for rediscovering the sewing machine. This is mainly because Claudia made me an apron from my spoonflower fabric. Then we decided there must be a market for people who need wider aprons with longer straps. AM at college agreed, suggested fat aprons, but Claudia came up with AMPLE APRONS which is awesome in many senses of the word.

Spoonflower apron

There was a scrap leftover, which is why the sewing machine came out - to make something from it. i decided on a headband, by sewing a long tube, turning it inside out, and then adding elastic. When my hair is longer, it'll look much better.

Spoonflower hairband

Monday, 22 February 2010

The LBC charity of the year - 2010

Ok so last year, I was raising funds for MIND. I auctioned 2 painting on eBay (one sold, one didn't) and held a raffle to win another painting. I also pledged to donate 25% of profits from card sales in the nurses's office, craft fairs and card parties. Doing all this, I managed a slightly paltry £30 to donate to MIND. I wanted to raise £50, but I never quite made it there.

So anyway, 2010, and time for a new LBC charity of the year. This year, it's Ovacome, mainly because I got a leaflet about their new campaign this year. Good timing.

Ovacome is the Ovarian cancer charity. Anyone who doesn't know, my mother died of Ovarian cancer in 2003. She was diagnosed in 2002 with stage 4 cancer after 2 years of going to the doctor with symptoms which in hindsight are obvious. However, if you don't know the symptoms in order to recognise them, it's pretty difficult to mistake it for IBS, or pregnancy (if you're the right age). Unfortunately, it's also the fourth most common cancer in women, making it pretty rare, and it doesn't get as much press, meaning the symptoms are even less well known. We're told to check our breasts, and men are told to check their balls and get their prostate checked, and yet if you ask anyone what the symptoms of ovarian cancer are, they probably wouldn't have a clue.

So I'd like everyone to be aware of the signs and symptoms to watch out for. Ovacome have kindly come up with the following acronym to help with the symptoms (much like the recent FAST campaign for stroke awareness).


B is for BLOATING - persistent, and doesn't come and go

E is for EATING - difficult eating, and feeling full more quickly

A is for ABDOMINAL - abdominal and pelvic pain felt most days

T is for TALK - to your doctor

So in 2010, I pledge to do at least 2 charity auctions on eBay (where 100% of the money goes directly to the charity), another charity raffle in march (Ovarian cancer awareness month) and also give a % of the profits from my card sales. I really want to get to £50 this year.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Spoonflower fabrics

Happy Kokeshi

There are five fabrics tagged 'kokeshi' on Spoonflower, and this one above I created with one of my paintings is one of them. the swatch came out incredibly, so I've started selling it, and I've bought a yard for myself to play with. I think it'd make a great skirt, personally.