Sunday, 31 January 2010

Photography module - filling the frame/details

I always thought I liked photography, but it appears now I'm learning how to do it, I'm having difficulties.

1. I get claustrophobic in the dark room
2. I get annoyed with people not leaving things tidy, particularly the tongs in the developing fluids
3. I can't stand people talking to me in the dark
4. I can't do it....
5. ... and other people can

Photography to me is a means to an end. However, I've been happy with some shots I've taken. we did research on 'filling the frame' and our project title is details. For me this has been using the macro setting and taking pictures of interesting textures.

warrington 054
warrington 051
warrington 045
warrington 125
warrington 157
warrington 068

That will do for photography I think. Back to making cakes out of plaster, foam and wood...


  1. Can't do it indeed. These are fab Chloe - I wish I could take photos like these!

  2. I can't do pinhole photography to save my life! i really should take a photo of my sketchbook pages on pinhole photos, cause it just looks like i haven't done anything it's so white