Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Spoonflower fabric - what we made

Today is a day for rediscovering the sewing machine. This is mainly because Claudia made me an apron from my spoonflower fabric. Then we decided there must be a market for people who need wider aprons with longer straps. AM at college agreed, suggested fat aprons, but Claudia came up with AMPLE APRONS which is awesome in many senses of the word.

Spoonflower apron

There was a scrap leftover, which is why the sewing machine came out - to make something from it. i decided on a headband, by sewing a long tube, turning it inside out, and then adding elastic. When my hair is longer, it'll look much better.

Spoonflower hairband


  1. It looks amazing right now actually :)

  2. I think your brillant, your creative with a good cause, your an up and coming artist, with a good heart. even big girls need a nice apron.Jolly good job.