Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Etsy's suggest shops feature comes up trumps!

I decided to try the Etsy 'suggested shops' feature again, after the disastrous attempt last time (about 6 months ago) - seems like everything in life, the website gets to know you better the more you use it, and I found tons of stuff I loved and hadn't come across before. So this week's top 5 picks are all from the suggested shops.

1. Gustow Little Monster

Absolutely adorable little monsters, but I love the expression on this one the most. Look at him!

2. Monster Pet crochet pattern

My cats would never wear this. But I like that someone has managed to get monster hats onto their cat. I might just have to paint a cat wearing a hat now.

3. The Lonesome Accordionist print

This reminded me of a friend of mine called Claire, as she's called The Eternal Magpie and has just started playing the accordion. As good a reason as any I thought...

4. Nosferatu

I also liked the forest fox, but as he's been featured in a magazine already, I wanted to promote a lonelier animal. Look at his teeth - he's adorable.

5. Red acoustic guitar

Something out of the ordinary - I usually feature plushies and prints, but I loved these guitar sculptures so much! The size can be seen in this one (it's a penny in the soundhole and it's standing on a bent fork) and I'm a sucker for miniature versions.

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  1. Thank you for featuring me, Chloe! Wow, I thought that was a real guitar until I looked closely!