Saturday, 6 August 2011

Happy first birthday Bird's Yard!

Although I missed the party, I saw the before and after. Everyone pulled together like a proper community, and we all had a part to play.

Loads of independent people around Leeds got involved, including Sunshine Bakery, who brought along immense cupcakes I have been hearing about for days, Baracoa, a new bar around the corner from us who brought alcohol, and a man dressed in silver on stilts who is in many many photos, and I have no idea where he came from. Penny Sweets and Ambelina Dreamer organised some burlesque, with Morning Star compering, Meilyn belly danced, and Jo Jo from Capital even sang!

Here are my favourite photos from Facebook, taken by Agne Zubyte, a wonderful new addition to the shop, whose talents seem endless.

Olly, a barman from Baby Jupiter, and husband of Freja who makes 'Dinky Pretty Things' was on hand serving drinks, but here he is just chilling.

Jade is the daughter of another designer who sells handmade cosmetics. She painted feathers on all of the shop people, and did Michelle's amazing face, below.

Here is Agne herself with cupcakes from Sunshine Bakery

Agne's business partner Else did some swing dancing too, I love this photo of them.

Here is the metallic stilt man.

Meilyn, the gorgeous bellydancer.

Michelle, worse for wear perhaps after all the long island iced tea.

Beautiful Penny Sweets, putting on a good show for the crowds at the end of the night.

End of the night.

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