Sunday, 1 March 2009

Fiona's Abstracts

Fi asked me to paint some red abstracts for her living room. I've seen
it so I had some idea of colour. However I've not really done any. I
read some books on abstract expressionism (jasper johns, Jackson
pollock) which explained that with abstracts it's not about what it
looks like as much as the method.

For these I used twisting circular strokes, and long sweeping strokes.
I also dripped paint on, and used an icing bag to pick out the main
shape in White. To finish it off I used shimmering red so it catches
the light.

I'm sort of pleased with them, mainly as fi likes them. In our house
it's mainly cats, and paintings ian and I have done which we've given
each other, generally flowers and more cats. I couldn't really comment
on whether they're any good as we don't really have much to do with
abstract art.

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