Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Craft Collective, Otley

I talked about the burgeoning Leeds indie scene the other week, so continuing on that theme, I decided to feature the new shop opened within the last few months by Jenie Pickard, also known as Lady Bea's Vintage Hive.

Situated in the small market town of Otley, just outside Leeds, this amazing shop features work by various local artists. Some you might recognise from Pannier Markets, local fashion shows, How Bizarre's market stall and Bird's Yard. Jenie has gathered together the cream of the crop in Leeds and surrounding areas, and created a real treasure trove of goodies.

Whatever your style or budget, you're bound to find something to suit. Prices start as low as £1, which for a one-off, hand-made item is rare.

Brands within the shop (to be edited later)

Ringlit  - reworked vintage clothing

Ages of Elegance - handmade clothing, accessories and homewares

Dot Dot Dee - jewellery

Life's Big Canvas - me - The Craft Collective is the exclusive stockist for my vintage eraser collection

Zinc White  - recycled typewriter and pencil jewellery

OOBBAA - runs The Stalls in Harrogate - handmade bags

Handmade with Love

Adorn Lovestorm - statement jewellery

Blue Shed Knits - hand knitted creations, including cupcakes, poodles and eggs

Lilly's hats

Gill Ford - photography

stained glass

Northern Star - infamous for her lego jewellery, and other kitschy items

The shop itself is gorgeous. When I went over, the theme was Alice in Wonderland, so the window was full of teacups, red hearts and watches. Inside the shop sits a massive tea table, with cups and saucers, knitted cakes and floral patterns everywhere.

The shop also features original artwork on the walls, painted by Matthew Dawson, whose tiger is a show stopper.

The basement is due to be fitted out so Jenie can feature even more of her favourite designers on display. We had a sneak peek, and there's even more great stuff downstairs just waiting to be flung around the shop!

Jenie is a real magpie, and has an eye for the unusual. She mixes kitschy jewellery with classy clothing, and sthe shop itself is like a gallery, with vintage bird cages housing knitted animals hung in old fireplaces, surrounded by shoes, jewellery and pillows.


  1. Hi Hun, managed to get on at last!!! The tiger & woman have been painted by Mathew Dawson, a 19yr old art student. Will be going round the shop tomorrow noting down a huge list of the other artists!!!! If you liked the Alice Window, you'll love the halloween one I'll be doing tomorrow!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. you give me an idea for our stall we will open it in asmall table in afair for family in the home.

    thanx for this ideas and if you have any tip call me.

    follow me :

  3. Hooray! I love the Craft Collective and my stuff will hopefully be appearing there too soon!
    Love from

  4. Would do better if the shop was ever open!