Saturday, 18 September 2010

What's been going on at Pesky HQ

SO, lots of exciting things are going on recently. Here are some bullet points

1. I moved some stock into The Craft Collective in Otley - a blogpost about Otley's wonderfulness will follow.

2. I've also been in Bird's Yard for about 6 weeks, and absolutely love working there. The people are nice, the shop is amazing, and I love getting feedback from customers, and meeting new people

3. Toys are continuing to sell well in Robin Hood's Bay.

4. Kim's tattoo studio, The Ink Station, will be expanding to include tattoo removal, piercing, nail artist, a new tattoo artist and jewellery collections - mainly my stuff! I'm really excited about this, as I don't have anything in that area yet.

5. I'm also going to be putting stuff in The Stalls shortly - it's a fairly new shop in Harrogate, similar to The Craft Collective. Natasha has asked for me to take in some toys.

6. College is going for a bit of a burton, as I'm so busy.

7. We joined East Street Arts, and Ian and I will have a studio in Barkston House in October.

PHEW! Think that should have caught everyone up!

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