Monday, 17 October 2011

Opportunities within the shop!

So as we creep ever closer to Christmas, I find myself looking for help in the shop. I'm open 6 days a week, all of which I need to cover now I'm not sharing.

Every Friday a wonderful lady called Shelly works for me - in return she has space in my shop selling her monster toys and accessories under the name The Monster Project. It occurred to me there might be other people out there who might like the opportunity to volunteer within the shop, and in return have some space selling items.

So, in order to do this, you must live in Leeds, or be prepared to travel to Leeds for at least one day a month. The shop is really close to the bus station, about 2 minutes walk, and only about 5-10 minutes from the train station. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee car parking, but there are secure car parks nearby, they're just expensive. In return I will give you space for your items, and we come to an agreement about how much commission/rent I take depending on how many hours you are happy to work.

It's great experience if you want to go into self-employment but are unsure about whether it will work. I started by doing something similar on the ground floor of Bird's Yard, working every week in the shop, and learning how to deal with customers, and see what they would like to buy. I can also give advice on pricing your items, packaging, branding, selling online and so on.

If you wish to just volunteer and don't sell items, that's fine too! As a thank you, I'll give you credit towards spending in the shop. I cannot pay anyone, as that will mean I'm an employer, and throws up a whole load of awkwardness.

Please email me at and we can have a chat, or if you're close enough, pop in and visit me in Bird's Yard. I'm there every Tuesday to Thursday, for definite, but it might be best to email me first to check.


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