Friday, 13 February 2009

Another productive day

It's been a busy day. I was awake at 5am and painting by 5.30. Then a breif soujourn to an appointment, during the waiting for which I sketched 3 ideas, and pictured them absolutely as I want them to look in my head (this is how I work, so despite things happening quickly on canvas, the mental work which goes into paintings is often hours).

I got home at 12.30 and painted all three straightaway, in a kind of 'conveyor belt' fashion. My passion for interference colours hasn't abated, so every canvas needs 'priming' with a dark colour, so whilst each bit is drying, to save waiting in between, I can get on with another.

I'm really enamoured with these paints, and the cherry blossom effect I've managed to get, and most of all with odd shaped canvases. Now I leave my brushes alone...until tomorrow.

Cherry Blossom Vase

I started this first to match the Geisha from yesterday which got finished first today. Standing next to each other, I really like the effect, and I hope someone else out there does too.

Cherry Blossom on Black

Cherry Blossom on Blue

I'm kind of obsessed with 'chinese' cherry blossom. We had a tree in our garden and it was the fluffiest, pinkest tree I've ever seen. I really want to grow one in our garden, but I fear with my knack of killing everything, even Lithops (living stones, which need hardly anything at all, let alone water, to thrive) it probably wouldn't flourish.

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