Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Mother's Day craft help plea

I'm planning for a mother's day craft fair, and I thought I might try and sell paintings online as well

What do you think I should market for Valentine's Day?

french fancies?

what would you buy as a painting for your mum?

Also, does anyone want to commission a painting? I have free slots, materials and a need to please :)


  1. I think cats go down a treat with all groups because there are crazy cat people in every bunch. All the others you mentioned are suitable too!

    I wouldn't buy a painting for MY mum, for reasons such as that I paint too and really want to paint something for her before I have anyone else do it. She mentioned that she liked the idea you had of making christmas tree ornaments of all our cats, and said she'd commission you to do them (any time before next christmas?)

  2. i know what you mean about cat paintings

    i'll see about your cats, but i'll be honest, i'll probably not be making them any more.