Wednesday, 18 February 2009

art prints for sale (and also some notecards if you fancy!)

I'm trying to branch out into edition prints. I've done ten prints of this painting and mounted it. They're all mounted and signed with the edition number, and in a plastic bag so they're a suitable gift. If you want to frame it, it's a standard A4 frame, so it's easy to find a frame.

As they're my first ones, I'm doing them for £5 inc postage and fees (Fiona, you have the artists proof coming to you, so don't even ask!)

Kite Flying in the Snow

If you get one, a bit of feedback would be great as well, thanks :D If they get good feedback, I might try some of my other paintings.

I also have a pack of 15 notecards with my paintings on the. They're square with an extra bit on the side - you write on the back, and post them flat, and then when the receiver gets them, they fold the flap so they stand up - all 15 for £20 inc postage and fees

have a look here on google images for what they look like unfolded and standing up

I still have other gift ideas for Mother's day in yesterday's post here -

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