Monday, 13 July 2009

Remember the cupcake cookies and chocolate turtles?

Karma is alive and well in Leeds - writing about how wonderful sweeties are and then wondering if they would make it through the post might sound like begging, but I really didn't expect to get two lovely parcels of treats.

I feel I'm doing the chocolate turtle lady a disservice as I didn't get any photos - this is because I ate them all before I even thought about it. They were too delicious. Luckily I remembered this, and took photos of the cupcake cookies before I ate more than one.

Adorable Cupcake Cookies by TabbyCat13

food 072

food 075

They're just as beautiful in real life (even if I'm not, sheesh look at my eye bags...) - soft and buttery shortbread, not too sweet icing, and they lasted all of, oh two minutes?

Chewy Vanilla Caramel Pretzel Twisted Turtles by BlissCandies

Not my photo of the turtles obviously, but they did stay intact through the post. American chocolate isn't quite as sweet as ours, so on its own I'm not a huge fan - but stick something salty in it and it's perfect. Why don't they make chocolate pretzels in England? The combination of the caramel and the pretzel with the chocolate is really like nothing else you can get in the UK, and has caused me to think about experimenting with my usual peanut butter recipe.


  1. They used to didn't they. Do you remember... was it Flipz? Fritz? Something itz *g* I devoured bags of them - omg I loved them. Then they blimming well discontinue the boogers. I'd be interested for sure if you could come up with anything remotely close ;)

    Love that piccie of you - absolutely love it! Has given me a huuuuge grin.

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