Thursday, 16 July 2009

Strange Things Afoot at the Circle P

I had my hair cut last night, and the usual thing happened - Vic was after some cards, so I part-paid for my haircut in cards.

My friends are more business minded about my work than I am, and we discussed how I probably wasn't going to do Partylite as I don't feel I can be a good seller of something I haven't made. Katie mentioned Phoenix Cards, which is a similar party night thing, andVic suggested I did card parties with my own cards instead, and it was like another lightbulb moment. Why haven't I done card parties yet??

So both Katie and Vic have booked a card party in the next couple of months. I'm going to give them a free gift as a thank you, and offer another party nearer Christmas. Whenever people see my cards they seem to buy 10, so if I see a couple of their friends I can hopefully clear a bit of stock.

Kaie also said that she'll show people the personalised paintings I did for her children, and I might be able to get commissions on one of those - if I do, I'll give Katie a percentage.

So if these two parties go well, it could be a possible outlet for my cards - going to people's houses, showing them the cards, selling them for a tiny profit, and perhaps getting some sort of business going. I'll need to see a small business advisor, but I'll wait and see how at least one goes.


  1. Good idea. Would you do classes to at the parties?

    Craig keeps trying to get me to put my duckies on Etsy but it's a confidence thing. I love making them but that doesn't mean people will buy them. So maybe I'll start off with a giveaway as a couple of people suggested.

  2. oh yeah do a giveaway! that's a great idea to get people to see your work.