Friday, 3 July 2009

Win a Painting! 5 entries available!

Yes, it's another competition!! This time entry is completely free.

This time, all you have to do is become a fan on my Facebook page. The competition ends on July 31st.

Click here to join -

If you're already a fan, then firstly THANK YOU - secondly, you can still enter by the following means

1. write a blogpost about this competition and leave a message for me linking me to the blog post - if I haven't already written about you, this also means I will probably do a blog post to help promote your blog or shop

2. recommend me to a friend, and leave me their name here

You can also get extra entries by the following

1. following me on twitter - I follow everyone back who adds me on my business account

2. making me a contact on flickr and/or making one of my photos a fave - this is another way that I may blog about you, as I often feature my favourite photos on flickr

So that's a possible 5 entries per person :)

Yes, it's shameless self-promotion, but I'll repay the favour, and you could win a painting out of it, so hopefully everyone's happy. Also, every entrant to the raffle received freebies in the post, so I might be able to do this again as well!

Terms -

The painting won is one already painted, or a mixed media canvas already made - postage is free. If you do not like any of the art already available, then I will paint/make an 8" square canvas for you, but you will have to pay postage.

Winner will be picked at random from all facebook fans not currently joined, with entries given to current fans who blog about Life's Big Canvas, or who recommend us to a friend (please leave a comment here with either a link to your blog post, or your friend's name)

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