Friday, 12 June 2009

Etsy Yart Sale

I love this idea! Until June 14th on Etsy, if you search for 'yart' you get a whole host of special offers!


Every seller involved in the Yart Sale offers special offers like free shipping, freebies or buy one get one free etc - I've made a sale already, and my shop has had lots more views. Some people have got into the spirit of the Yart sale, while I feel some people are just using the tag/title to get more views, and offering little in value (usually by hiking up their shipping). I'll only be featuring those who are offering considerable savings on regular prices, or who offer free shipping on things which are expensive to post.

Click here to search on Etsy, with the results sorted from low price to high

I've been looking at what is on offer this morning, and here are my five favourite things, as well as one of mine.

Obviously first up is my vintage shoe - it's free shipping in the UK, and reduced shipping overseas. I painted this a while ago, and I really like it, I can't understand why it hasn't been snapped up yet!

Loving you by LUIZAVIZOLI

Ok, so this isn't cheap, but it's beautiful. I love the swirls in this lady's work, they look like buttons! I nearly didn't feature this, as she doesn't ship outside the US, but I couldn't resist the colours.

Handmade red plaid owl friend by JennyTheArtist

This little owl friend is 50% off, at a very reasonable $2, with decent priced shipping. He's really cute, so I hope he finds a new home.

Roll the Dice soap by sunbasilgarden

It's not often I get excited about handmade soap. I have tons of lush soap we haven't used, because I love liquid soap. However, these are amazing, so perfectly made, and they're vegan, AND they smell of liquorice. At a very reasonable $2 with international shipping, they get my vote.

Amigurumi Banana by davenevanxaviour

Ah,knitted food. The reason I found Etsy in the first place. Can't really say anything more, except they're adorable!

Upcycled Bottle Caps Candy Notebook by AprilAdriance

I'd never heard the term upcycling before Etsy, but I really love the idea of taking something which would otherwise be thrown away/recycled and using it for a new purpose. There are lots of upcycled journals on Etsy, but this is the cheapest in the Yart sale, so congrats!


  1. Thanks for featuring my bananas! I've never been blogged about before. :D

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my painting!All these items are fantastic !