Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Edibles on Etsy

I only realised today that Etsy has an edibles section! I've been picking through what's on offer, and here are my favourite edible items I've found so far. Feel free to recommend some more!

Featured seller - Chocolatecreators

Russian seller Chocolate Creators are fairly new to Etsy. I can't understand why they have only 1 sale, because their items are beautiful, original, and very reasonably priced.

Adorable Cupcake Cookies by TabbyCat13

Just as the name suggests, they are adorable, and you get a dozen for less than $2 each. I'm not sure they'd ship to the UK, but I had to feature them as they're so beautifully made.

Cupcakes in Jars by cupcakesinjars

Again, not sure about shipping to the UK, but what a fantastic idea! Surely they'd be easy to ship overseas? And just look at all the flavours, and the packaging!

Tootsie Roll wreath by auntiesideas

I keep meaning to make one of these, and fail miserably. They make many different flavoured candies into wreaths, but I like the colour scheme of this one, and the name of the sweets of course. We don't have them in the UK, so I'm imagining liquorice :)

Chewy Vanilla Caramel Pretzel Twisted Turtles by BlissCandies

I love chocolate coated pretzels, and they just don't sell them in the UK. I have to import them when my craving gets too much for me. These sound so delicious, I'm considering moving to the US, or failing that getting them shipped to a friend to pass on to me!

Chocolate and Gold Wire Necklace by wmahr

This necklace is REAL chocolate! It's expensive for one wear, but what a great attention seeking piece! They can use real beads for you if you like, but I thought this would be a great finale for this article.

If this has made you hungry, and you fancy something longer lasting, my 'coffee and bun' painting is available on Etsy or on eBay.

Coffee and a bun


  1. thanks so much for featuring out Twisted Turtles, it's quite an honor!!

  2. That necklace is crazy. I love it! And I want a cupcake in a jar!