Saturday, 20 June 2009

Featured seller

I just had to wax lyrical about servasgschaeft. I can't recall where exactly she popped up on my flickr from, but she's not only adorable, she makes the most AMAZING things. Here are my favourites from Flickr.

This awesome cake is a tiny brooch/necklace! It's available to buy on etsy. Look at the teeny tiny kiwi slices! I have no idea how you fimo modellers do this.

This is another little fimo cake, but look at the whipped cream! And the doll plate and fork. Oh and the banana!! I'm going to die from the adorable.

These are cupcakes. And they're vegan. I wish she lived in England!

Huge cakes made to look like lego. I am speechless.

This is her, wearing the nerd glasses she made from perler (assume it's like hama beads?) I am in love with her today. Seriously.

On her flickr photostream you can also find a pair of cupcakes which look like boobs, and a cupcake with a vagina piped on the top. Please please look through all her stuff.

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