Monday, 4 May 2009

My Glamorous Crafty Girls Centre Spread

I've been planning this piece of art for weeks now, in which I paint my 3 favourite crafty girls. I can't decide whether to give them all a shop, or market stalls, or just have them sitting round a table laughing.

In the meantime, I've decided to use this blog as a sort of Etsy review place. I'm sick of never being able to get a treasury to share my favourite things, so instead, I'll be doing that here.

So in order to combine these two decisions, today we have a centre spread of the three most inspiring ladies I've come across, on flickr, live journal, etsy and blogspot.

1. Sickforcute

Lindsay, who you might know better as Kid Pirate, has been developing Sick For Cute for a while, and finally launched it earlier this year. She sells t-shirts, jewellery, totes and just about everything on here is something I want to own.

I have a few things, mainly through trading with my paintings as I'm lucky enough that she'll agree to do that :) - everything has been good quality, well made, and always gets attention, whether it's the Alice tote bag I used at the wholesalers, or the fantastic 'kokeshi doll' tee. At the minute I'm awaiting my cupcake bag and my next trade will definitely be for something with the Hi Robot on it.

website - - for everything Lindsay sells, whether made by her, or other people - it's a treasure trove!

etsy - for cute shoes and accessories

etsy - - for cute tees and tote bags

2. Twinkiechan

I first heard of Twinkiechan on eBay, where her amazing crocheted food scarves often go for a fortune... as well they should! Each one is lovingly crafted with enthusiasm, and with pom poms, sprinkles and whimsy added.

However, there are affordable things from Twinkiechan's etsy shop if you like her scarves but just don't have the spare cash. She's currently having a sale, and this truffle shaped tissue box cover is still available, as well as a lot of cute-itility packs. If you fancy a small piece of goodness, her sugar cookie pin is less than $30. However, I'm still holding out for hope that one day I'll either have enough money, or a good enough trade-worthy object, to get a cupcake scarf

website - - information about the woman herself, her inspiration, and where she likes to shop
etsy - - regualrly updated with new treats

Argh! I forgot she currently has popcorn themed items on ebay! They're over here, and so cute -
3. Lovelylildeer

Becky is slightly different from the other two ladies here. She's probably best known for her Dollyday jewellery. I still wear my Christmas pudding necklace every Christmas. Now she's more likely to be found blogging about what she's been making or buying on Blogspot.

I've been lucky enough that she's traded with me for some paintings of her cats and dogs. I have necklaces with a gingerbread man and a red/white sweet, as well as brooches which look likea chocolate chip cookie and an oreo with pink icing. My favourite will always be my Jammy dodger necklace (see below)

Blog - - if you like sweet homely things, want to see what someone else is making and baking, and good clean fun, I'd highly recommend Becky's blog
You might notice these ladies pop up on each other's websites. Twinkiechan and Becky model for Lindsay, and all three of them can be found on each others websites wearing the things they've swapped. This is partly why I find it all so amazing. I wish the real life was more like the crafty circles online!

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