Friday, 15 May 2009

Five Types of Teabags

I've been listing my new cards today, and whilst doing so, I thought about what else might be on Etsy with similar tags. I've been using the type of tea as a tag, so I tried each teabag type I'm planning on listing, and picked my favourite thing which came up under each one!

Here is my card. It has a poem on the front called 'Friendship Brew'. I stopped listing after I put 4 on, as I had some feedback on the forums suggesting I take photos before I put them in the bags. I hadn't even thought of this!

Here's one of my cards


Luckily for me, searching for Assam brings up lots of tea, my card and this item!

1898 Historical Map of Bengal and Assam from BananaStrudel

Old maps are fascinating. I've always loved the look of contour lines, and regularly use something like them in my paintings (such as the Orangutan). The only thing is I always want to cut them up, and it would be such a shame to destroy a map like this. I hope someone will find it, and cherish it in a frame.

English Breakfast

Breakfast Necklace by Chinachichi

Two of my favourite things are knitted food and huge necklaces, so as soon as I saw this, I knew it needed a wider audience. So far this lady hasn't made any sales, and I don't really understand why! They're like nothing I've ever seen before.


Glass Tile Pendant - Vintage Foreign Stamp by OutOfTheAshes

I'd really like to try making these glass tile pendants. However, they always look as if they must be fiddly, so I think I'll carry on looking at beautiful items like this one.

Earl Grey

earl grey tea petite wall hanging by CakeEaters

You might be surprised to see this from me. Usually I pick hideously bright, or ridiculous things. What really appeals to me about this tiny wall hanging is the mixture of textures and media. Anything miniature or with buttons added will usually get a second look from me too.

Lady Grey

1920s fashion, flapper - Lady in Grey Coat print by Gint99are

Since seeing The Changeling, I can't get cloche hats out of my mind! I've asked my friend Gemma to crochet one for me, but in the meantime I'll have to make do with admiring this print from a series on 'Ladies of the roaring 20s'. I love her severe yet beautiful face.

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