Sunday, 24 May 2009

Today's Etsy picks - Paper Patchwork

I've been making my Paper Patchwork pictures all day today, and more or less finished five. It's my obsessional personality. I searched on Etsy to see if anyone was selling anything similar, without thinking 'I'll search for collage', as any normal person would. I searched for 'paper patchwork' and didn't find anything - I did find some other nice stuff instead though, so I decided to choose some for this week's picks.

Patchwork Washing

This is mine, obviously. I could see this in my head for days, but couldn't find any small pegs. Once I finally found some, I just did it straight away.

Life Is Like a Patchwork Quilt by Design4u

I think this is really lovely, and she ships internationally! Not enough Etsy sellers let you know they do this, and I'm often scouring the pages to see if they do. I'd love to see lots of different quotes on similar canvases.

Miss Kekoshi by mapetitepapeterie

It was hard to choose between this and The Patchwork Millipede. All of these delicate prints are really beautiful.

Patchwork Journal by brookiellen

I think these journals are perfect for gifts, and I really like the mixture of fabrics used. You can't beat cherries.

Sweet Patchwork Doll by pinkytoast

I chose this one because it's something I had in my head, and I would never do it as well as this. I really love the style of these prints which are available on mirrors and keyrings as well.

Patchwork cat Greeting Card by dailypaper

I chose this one as I love the mixture of red, black and white, and the really simple shapes used to create the cat. It's obvious what it is, and yet there's almost no features. It also gave me the idea that I might scan in my collages and use them to create cards myself!


  1. thank you so much for featuring me:)

    I LOVE the pinkytoast doll print- that is gorgeous!