Thursday, 21 May 2009

Paper Patchwork

Yesterday was productive - I got a few canvases and cards I'd been planning in my head finally finished. I'm really enjoying the slightly retro nature of these paper patchwork items. Somehow they remind me of old cartoons. I'm thinking of doing more involved pieces using vintage paraphenalia, but for now, I'm making stock for the 2 craft fairs which are coming up. I know that doesn't sound like a lot of fairs, but
it really is for me!

All photos can be clicked on and viewed bigger.

My favourite is this washing line. I used silver thread for the line, corrugated card for the poles, and real miniature pegs.

Washing Line

Beach scenes - one of these is for my nephew, but I enjoyed making it so much I made one to sell as well

Beach Scene 2 Beach Scene 1

Four small canvases I found, which were screaming out for cupcakes in different colours - Ian loves these

patchwork 063

Two cupcakes

Patchwork Cakes

And while I'm here, a small painting I did from the flamingo photos


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  1. Thank you for featuring my patchwork canvas. How sweet of you. I love your laundry line and the sailboats and cabanas. How adorable! I will have to link back to you via my blog. How fun to make a friend in the UK. My blog is
    Have a lovely Sunday,